About Me

Rita A here.  I have entered my seventh decade and I am just getting started!

I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts and have called it my home for over twenty years. I know and love the Cape; a native Bostonian I’m officially a “wash-a-shore.” For me there is no bad season on the cape; or better side;  bay side or ocean side. I love the one-of-a-kind shops, restaurants, inns, and resorts rather than chains on this sixty mile long peninsula. The seasonality and distinctive culture of the Cape are truly special to me.

My prior professional work life has mostly been “over the bridge” and in the Boston area. I have worked in community health centers as both a clinician and administrator and as a manager in large nonprofit health insurance settings, and small businesses in the behavioral health industry.  I have also owned and operated my own small business, a sensory deprivation Float Tank business.

My professional career path reflects my dual interest in business and personal development. Through the years I have remained loyal to my interests.  I have an entrepreneurial spirit and a keen interest in personal development. I have yet to encounter a person in my seventy years on the planet whose life isn’t messy and whose life path has been totally linear and mine certainly has not been.

I love the creative process of giving an idea shape and form; breathing life into it. I love the chase!

I hope you try some of the products my site offers; they support individuals and small business owners to launch and grow their businesses.

My lifetime listens to yours…

“if it leaves you wiser, kinder, more compassionate … it’s a good day.”